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LFX Group? Who are they


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I have been handed 3x Moving Head Par 36 LED lights to look. After several days on google and various websites I have not been able to find a manual, a link or even an image of these lights anywhere online.


The branding on the front of it says LfX Group and the model just says Head 36.


These are 3w RGB LED with DMX on the back and led display control on the front side. the look something similar to this http://www.weinas.com.cn/Upload/PicFiles/2011.1.3_0.22.14_5626.jpg


From what I can make out the DMX is 10 channel


1 - Colour rotate


2 - Red


3 - Green


4 - Blue


5 - X axis


6 - Y axis


7 - speed of movement


8 - Strobe speed


9 - Pre-Programs


10 - Dimmer


So I guess what I am after is a manual and a light with similar DMX profile









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the Mac101 is a little bit more "streamline" shall we say and better built no doubt. This LfX Group someone mentioned to me that it might be a rebrand of Stairville or Eurolite. Its got 3pin DMX in and out and IEC power connector. can't think of anyother info that would make it stand out or help someone identify it for me.






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LFX Group last listed as address Blenheim Industrial Estate Nottingham.



One of the local disco shops used to retail their stuff. I think they are related to DFB Warehouse, possibly their in house brand. (big disco shop in nottingham)


LFX website


LFX HEAD36 product link


Thanks Kevin






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