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Lighting Hire, Hatfield Area?


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Hi all


I'm going to need to hire some lighting for a gig next spring in Hatfield.


We don't want anything too OTT but a couple of rows of LED PARs on tripods aren't going to cut it though.


I'm thinking along the lines of (minimum):


4 x profiles

4 x movers

16 LED pars for washes

LED blinders would be nice but not essential

1 x Hazer


Plus we'd need an operator.


There is trussing across the front and sides of the stage (nothing at the back) so some of the lights could be mounted there, but the biggest problem will be tear down times as the venue will not want us to be still packing up at 2:00am.


Another potential issue may be power supply, so LED is probably a must.


Any suggestions who I could use?


PS sorry I know very little about lighting, normally its always there for us to use.

PPS If anyone wants to know the venue, I'll pm it.





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sorry to have to break it to the geographically uninitiated, but Hatfield is not in, or even near Essex.

Erm and wots that got to do with the price of chips? if a company can carry out the work to the budget and time constraints there location shouldn’t matter,if that was the case I wouldnt have been in deepest cornwall earlier this year or had a day trip to glasgow last year,nor would you get to play in the sandy parts of the world

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Only that the question was


"Lighting hire, Hatfield area"


which means he wants to hire some lighting for something he is doing in the hatfield area?

rather than the lights must be from hatfield?


Sorry I just took lighting hire in the hatfield area to mean lighting hire in the the hatfield area that is all.


If it's going to mean event in the lighting area, lights from elsewhere, this thread's going to reach 71 pages.

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