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Blackmagic Hyperdeck Pro; Two questions...


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  1. Anyone got experience of using one? Is it reliable? Any showstoppers?
  2. Anyone got one we could try for a gig in Central London on 17th September? (Fee could possibly be arranged)


So - I've a conference gig coming up on 17th September whose organisers have asked whether we can do a quick-and-dirty video recording. We're in something of a transitional state at the minute, so one option we do have is to scale our main output to SD and stream that into a Mac via a Firewire capture box. I've told them that's our standard setup, and they're relatively happy. But my inner perfectionist thinks that looks kinda sucky, so I'd like to see if we can trial a system that goes several shades better.


We're looking to potentially record more video in-house from existing fixed cameras, so I'm currently wondering whether the Hyperdeck Pro can help this. I'm assuming SDI inputs A-D are mapped back out to SDI outputs A-D for easy insertion into live systems? That would be quite a vital feature for us. The ability to bring in some analogue line-level audio would also be nice, in case we decide not to embed it elsewhere in the system in future. The only thing it doesn't do is live-stream/encoding; but I'm guessing we can do that with a Mac/PC when needed just as we presently do with the downscaled SD signal.


Before spending >£1K on a box that "sorta, might-on-a-good-day" do what we want, I'd love to use this upcoming gig as an excuse to try a box to see what's involved. Can anyone help?

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We have a Hyperdeck pro, it's very good.

we have in our hire stock but it's away on a streaming shoot for the next few weeks.

Make sure you use listed ssd's.


There are a number on hire in London if you google,

however like us, they will want payment.

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Like wise we have them in hire stock. We have a van coming into central London on the 16th to drop kit to a show on the 17th, so might be worth a chat… Drop me a PM if you're interested.


We've found them to be reliable and like most Black Magic kit, do pretty much what they say on the tin, but not a lot else. But then if you want to record a feed in SDI to a SSD, they're good.

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