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Sennheiser EW300 IEM G2 (OFF)


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Hi All,


I have a few Sennheiser EW300 IEM G2 receiver units, but one has developed a issue in that you power it on and leave it alone suddenly after random time it comes up with OFF on the screen and the unit powers down.


If it was a physical fault I would expect it just to power down and not display OFF.


Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the outcome?





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Isn't the power button underneath the battery flap? Momentary push button?



I've never had hold of the IEM RX but have had G2 & G3 camera receiver units and as David has said, they have always had a button under the battery flap for the on/off.


The camera rx's are just like the belt pack transmitters and display off when they turn off, I wouldn't expect the IEM version to be any different as I've used the camera receivers as IEM when desperate and would have thought that the only difference is the output level and a volume control mounted in the insert which forms the top of the belt pack.


Obviously this throws up another potential issue with your unit as to why when you turn the volume down the display turns off.

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I have just had a very similar issue with the same IEM receiver...

Mine was permanently "muted" in software (or thats what it showed on screen).


Sennheiser UK were happy to take it for me and look at is as the spanish repair center just simply didnt reply to any emails or carry out anything they promised over the phone....


The end result.... there are no G2s or G2 parts left... so if it is the main board... be prepared to fork out for a new G3 receiver... at a reduced price but they keep the broken unit.

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