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Stuck in potentiometer hell!


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Hi Guys


I'm having a bit of a mare replacing 2 Pan pots on a sound desk (Hill Audio Gigmix - don't ask!)


Basically I *think* I need a dual 10K Logarithmic 'B' curve type pot, however I'm having difficulty finding any!


Initially, I took a punt on what appeared to be a standard, 10K Log dual pot, but when panning, the drop off was way too early, resulting in a drop in level when panned centre.


I contacted the supplier and he sent me an alternative, which I think is Linear, as things still aren't right.


So, I'm a bit stuck, and to be frank, I'm fed up of googling potentiometers! Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Here is the original pot I removed.





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If it's a pan pot then it's not a dual log pot; it's likely to be a log+anti-log pot.


To check, put the pot at the halfway point and measure from one end to the wiper on both sections. The resistance on the log section will be about 10% of full scale and about 90% on the anti-log section.

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Thanks Mr X


We had not been able to identify the manufacturer, think we had all assumed from their interesting choice in font it was 'JMEG'... :huh:


Just contacted OMEG and they are on the case for me!


Glad I could help.
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