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Silly String On Stage

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Hello All SM's and Set Guys



Right Problem I have at the moment is my stage is very poorly after Bugsy Malone and the Slosh that comes with it.


One of the Props they used was silly string (Unknown to me)


The Damn Stuff will not come off. Ive painted over.......twice, still comes through and even under G101 Chemical it still will come through. Floor Buffing hasn't worked either.


Starting to think that the only option is to SAND Down and REPAINT over the dark period - URRRGGGHHH





any other thoughts and Ideas are welcome.



Phil !!




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Too late for you, but I've banned that horrible stuff from our stage and wreak havoc on any group who sneak any in...!


One such group used it in panto a while back and got it on some of the softs...!!




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