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So has anyone here worked in Bolivia?


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I have been asked to do three shows in Bolivia for a British circus company and I am talking with the artistic director about logistics. She says that there are too be shows in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba and these are big stages that are to be constructed for our shows. And here is what they are going to provide:




01 Sound Board DIGI DESIGN SC-48


12 Mac 2000 profile

20 Mac 600 martin

12 Xled 590 pearl riverl (90 leds x 5 w c/u)

24 pair 64, 1000 w. lamps (please bring the filters).

03 Follow Spots 2500 W.

04 Atomic 3000


01 Stage 12 x 9,60 meters x 1,60 high

04 bridges of 12 meters


Quite a kit list really, I would be happy to rock up to any venue in Europe and find that lot, and indeed I have done. Now, here is where it gets odd: they claim that this kit is available IN EACH CITY and all venues will be built and they will just fly us into each one 3 days before the show, and it will be all there ready for use to tech.


They have supplied us with a 3D render of the stage, and it looks like the kind of thing you might find at a big rock festival, looking like its made out of Quickform.

So really, how and why is this much gear out there. You know when things sound too good to be true?

They are talking about flying me and show designer out for recce in a couple of weeks, so all may become clear. But if anyone has any info about working out there I'd be very interested.

I have only been to South America once, to Buenos Aires last year and that was odd - they has a load of Vari*Lite kit (that kept breaking) the most shonky Pars and profiles I have ever seen, and a Chinese Avolites Pearl knockoff. Lovely people though and the shows were great - luckily I had my own Titan Mobile to take with. If thats what they have in BA - its hard to believe that Cochabamba is better specced!

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I know nothing about the technical side though I would insist on structural drawings of the stage etc.


What I do know is that if you are flying into La Paz airport from London none of you will want to do anything strenuous like get out of bed for 24 hours. The fitter ones might well suffer from altitude sickness and circus performers would almost certainly need more than three days acclimatisation.



It is so high up, 4,000m, it snows at the airport in summer. Anyone traveling there from sea level is advised to see their GP beforehand and those with bronchial or cardiac problems advised to give it a miss. Maybe the British Embassy in La Paz is your best source of advice and information about local conditions. Contact details.


Santa Cruz is manageable but Cochabamba is up at 2,800m so could also be difficult if the first gig. E2A I know this stuff because sorta dorta spent a month in the hills above Quito at 3,000m and her friends were devastated by altitude.

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Thanks Kerry, good point. My wife was in Cusco a while back, just over the border in Peru and she got really ill with altitude sickness. And she is really strong and fit.
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Thanks Kerry, good point. My wife was in Cusco a while back, just over the border in Peru and she got really ill with altitude sickness. And she is really strong and fit.

No jokes about your lady being "fit" but the strange thing about altitude sickness is that the fitter the person the worse the effects in many cases. The circus performance made me stress the altitude problems. Info.

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Fit people are more susceptible to altitude sickness because they are finely tuned to work well in the air at sea level density, at 10,000feet it's hard, 8000ft is the RAF's ceiling without oxygen.


Read the Foreign Office's web site with information for travellers to Bolivia and countries you will pass through. See what diplomatic and/or trade representation the Bolivian government offers. Find exotic travel agents who do Lake Titicaca etc among their locations, see what they can tell you.

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