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Strange behaviour with an Avo Pearl - HELP!


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Hi all.

Got a problem with a Pearl 2000 running 2004. Two big issues:


1. I'm not sure what has happened but the Locate function doesn't seem to work when pressed, so I can't locate fixtures anymore. I beleive the actual physical button works but the funtion of Locate doesn't.


2. The other issue is the dimmer button and shutter buttons in the attribute section. When the desk is first turned on, the dimmer button is selected by default. If you go to press the shutter button, the shutter button will function and light up. However, you cannot then go back to the dimmer button - pressing it doesn't light it up and it doesn't function. If say you then go to another attribute (eg colour) and try to go back to the shutter or the dimmer button, they both are non functional and you can't select them. Like I say, this only happens on the dimmer and shutter buttons and the shutter button will only work if the dimmer button has been selected first. Both buttons physically do work though. The only way to get back to dimmer fuction (for palette playback) is to turn the desk off then on again.


I haven't noticed any other strange behaviour as of yet.


Hopefully that makes all sense. Needing some help with this one before I end up losing all desk information and trying to fully reset it.




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How are you locating? Is it ML Menu/[Locate] or the red button at the bottom of the attribute bank? I can't remember if the red button was implemented outside of the Pearl Expert Clasic or not.


Regarding attribute keys I would do the following:


1 - Backup show

2 - Go to System/[service]/[Diagnostics]

3 - Check all buttons are working correctly (not just dimmer and shutter). I wonder if it's possible that another key is acting as always on causing the symptoms you describe. Unfortunately there's no way to tell if that is the case with any of the program section keys - you can only see if they register when pressed, but something might show up.

4 - Hardware wipeall using jumper on motherboard.


If it still persists after wipeall then I'd call Lee in service.

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Thanks for the help. I'll try and do the things you've said.


Yes Niclights, I'm selecting the fixtures, ML Menu, LOCATE. Nothing happens and I've now realised why....


I've now found out that button A next to the LCD doesn't function at all. Neither does the memory button or the chase button, which is a real pain now as I cannot change anything already programmed into the desk.


Button A, the memory button, the chase button, the dimmer and shutter buttons are now not working as intended. I'm wondering if there is a hardware problem with the desk as all the buttons are very close to one another. The palette buttons and fixture buttons are working still even though they are above the affected buttons.

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Quick update,

I've reseated the main ribbons and unfortunately it's not changed the issues. It's fairly clean inside - no liquids present.

I tried to go to the service part of the desk, but you need button A to access it...!!!

Just to say that all the affected buttons are on the same board within the desk.


I have spotted something strange though. I found this chip with a leg sticking completely out.....




I've left it be, but I'm not sure if this was intentional or not when we first recieved the desk. No one has opened up the desk to my knowledge and it's probably been like this for the last few years. It's on the board that the buttons are affected on, but this issue has only just recently happened.

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Just a quick update.

I phoned Avo about the issues. Seems to be some sort of contact/track issue on the back of the board. It may involve a little soldering but I'm going to check continuity and see what I can do (haven't had the time this week).


As for the micro chip...... it seems to be deliberate. I decided to put the leg back into place and refitted the chip. Turned on the desk and the screen went completely AWOL (banding and such like, no display information). So I took the chip out, took the leg out and refitted.... LCD screen came back to life.



Anyway, thanks for your help guys.

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