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4 Channel Dimmer/ Lighting Desk


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Good Afternoon All,


Hoping for some advice on a product that I have never seen but I am sure must exist.


I have been asked to supply a 4 Channel Dimmer, however the client would prefer local control.


What I am ultimately looking for is 4 Way Zero88 Alpha Pack or something similar, but 4 individual channels are definatley required and 2 Alpha Packs is probably a bit expensive/ overkill in terms of quality.


Thanks in advance for any support.



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That's possibly the ugliest piece of equipment I have ever seen. Looks like it was designed by Salvador Dali.


:** laughs out loud **:


You sir, owe me a new keyboard!

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We've got a stack of those four channel Anytronics dimmers, 32a single in and four 16a outlets, solid as a rock! Great for hiding behind marquee linings for chandeliers and pinspots... We rotate the 32a inlet 90 degrees so that we can stack them up without the flaps from the 32a ceeforms fouling the next unit.
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