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P28 Base Lamps


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Hi Troops,


I may have asked this before, but does anyone know if T13 (P28 base) type lamps are available at less than 650 Watts (Preferably something less than 500 Watts?)


I've had a look and can't seem to find any, but maybe some of you might know...

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That 65watt looks interesting! The filament may not line up optically.


jexjexjex What lantern is it intended for?


Are you just trying to reduce output?


The lamps are to go into a set pf four Patt.803s in a local church.


For all the faults of the 803, they're fine for what they're being used for- just VERY bright, so I figured that something around the 300 watt mark might might help things and it would save me having to strip out the lamp bases and replace them.


Thanks for the responses so far.

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