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Smoke, Haze and Dry Ice


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Okay I may seem a little stupid but here goes ;o).


What exactly is the difference between a Smoke and a Haze machine?

We have what seems a cheapo smoke machine atm (amatuer theatre).


All it does is fill the auditorium and studio quite quickly. Were after something that lingers more around your feet. Is this what a Haze machine would differ in? Or are we looking at dry ice?


Apologises for my apparant stupidness, we don't do alot of effects and I've only recently started taking an interest.



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Haze is like natural fog and shows up the light beams.


What you have is a normal smoke machine.


What you are looking for is a dry ice machine or depending on the make of the smoke machine a adapter that that lowers the temperature so it "lingers around your feet"


I think that there are a few topics on dry ice about.

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Or you can make or possiby buy a smoke chiller- http://www.gotfog.com/fog_machine_chiller.html (or do a google) which passes the fog thru ice so that it rolls over the floor in the same way as dry ice would. I have done this, and it is very effective.


I would call haze a fine mist in the air, as The Kid said, to enable you to see the beams of light.



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