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Jack socket grommets?


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Hey Guys


I work in a school as I have said in my other posts. We have a concert coming up and I will have a Rack 8 DI box on stage for the different bands guitarists to plug into. I am going to tape it up to show which channel bass goes into and which the guitarist go into. But I was wondering if anyone has brought at grommets that fill the jack sockets of the "link" input or "direct output" socket as I don't want them plugging into them by accident.


Where could I get some grommets or something to safely plug the sockets?







EDIT: My awesome spelling

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IPlastic of course :rolleyes:


You'd think that was obvious wouldn't you.


M8 bolts are quite a good fit, and yes, I have had to remove them from the panel of an amp rack that had "just stopped working".


Remember too, that if it's a switching jack, then you probably don't want anything that operates the switch.

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