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Brown paper bag props

Lola Rose 15

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Completely depends what sort of brown paper bags you want. For flat ones like a greengrocer would put apples in, your local cash and carry, as per above. For ones with a square base, such as people use to carry groceries in US soaps, the term is "block bottom". There are quite a few websites that sell these, but they tend to deal in wholesale quantities.


If you only want one, it's cheaper to make it yourself from a roll of brown paper. After that, it depends on quantity, cost and time. I've made large 'block bottom' bags out of flat brown paper before (needed a bag quicker than delivery times allowed) but it's a bother to do.


Also, depending on what contents you're putting in, be aware they tear easily and you'll need more than you think.

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Is this for the pineapple ? I would go for a flat bag, and possibly from a local market or sweet show, the oddest places do them, my local bookshop does all the books in white paper bags.


If all else fails why not wrap the pineapple in "period" newspaper?

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