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Haven't used it, but a quick google would lead me to believe it can't handle movers in the normal way of patching them into the desk using profiles and then controlling it via a nice thought out user interface system!


If it does LTP you could perhaps do them by a fader to DMX channel type way of controlling them, but that would be very time consuming to plot. (Believe me, been there, done that one.)


Here's Jands WWW link - try giving it the once over. Jands Event II 60 WWW Link




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Is there any such thing as an Event II? There's an ESP II or an Event v3 (I have one of the latter) I've used an ESP II before - it's in the (old school) Strand MX or Celco (Baby, Gold, whatever) mould. ie: It's a two-preset manual with subs. And chases. And a basic crossfade facility.



So, a Wholehog it aint. I'm afraid inputting nice little profiles and hitting "shape generator" isn't an option here, but, if the folks will forgive me for a moment for being a bit of a luddite, you don't need a Moving Light Desk to control Moving Lights. All you need is DMX, and a brain.


It all depends on what you're using it for. If you're trying to use movers with great subtlety or it's really crucial that it never goes a bit pear shaped, then you'll need a desk with ML capability. (Frogs are cheap...) But; if you're doing a club night, or a band or something where you can get away with being a bit "rougher", then it'll do the job. And it doesn't need to do LTP. HTP will work, just not as nicely.


I've been known to (frequently!) run Moving lights for Clubs/Bands off the Jands Event v3 (A slightly more grown-up desk, but not massively different). And I've also run MLs off a Sirius 24. You just need to think about what you're doing, then do it. Generally, I'll record the pan of each lantern, then the tilt, then the shutter, etc into subs. The record some positional chases (remembering to turn everything but the P&T channels to 0% before pressing record) and maybe some shutter chases, whatever. Then (if subs allow) some nice positions. Just remember to only record info for one type of attribute at a time. Then: Mix and match. It is time consuming. But not disasterously so. And you'll get quicker...



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Bryson is right - There is no such console as an Event II.

The ESP II is indeed a 2 preset memory console, and you can run moving lights from it, BUT it does involve using your brain.


There are also Event 3 and Event 4 consoles in the Jands range.


If you have any questions about the console, please give me a call.




Neil Vann

Technical Sales and Support

AC Lighting.



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Sorry Boys must get the desk name right!!!!



Event Plus 60


If I cold get hold of a moving head specific desh I would do, I think I will just have to get my head round the DMX programming which should be good fun.

Look like I am going to have to do it on the fly!


but hay such is life!


cheers for the comments keep them coming. ;)

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I am somewhat intrigued that you are working in an environment that gives you Mac movers but no desk to run them. Seems an odd way round to me. Though I know some don't like them I made sure I bought the Leapfrog before I bought any movers. The idea of using eight faders on the fly, apart from running out of faders pdq, fills me with horrors!

Still good luck!

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Thank you for your help... it was a strange little gig. 2 macs (brought from AC a week eairler!) and 6 par 64's and a 60 channel non moving head desk!!


they are relativly easy to program as well which made life really easy.


Still it went well and was a fantastic experiance to add to the CV so if any one needs an engenieer that can work under extreme conditions I am your man!!!

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I am somewhat intrigued that you are working in an environment that gives you Mac movers but no desk to run them.

I'd have thought that's a very rare situation to be in these days, what with basic moving light controllers being so cheap and widely available.


A few years ago, though, when I did my first moving light work, it was the norm. The first ever movers that I programmed were four Goldenscan 3's, running on a Sirius24 (in 1990, IIRC ...).


I've run movers on a non-movers desk a few times since (VL5's on a Gemini, Mac 500's and 600's on an LP90, Pirouettes and Cyberlights on an Arri Imagine!), and it's perfectly do-able, but these days there's no excuse for it - regardless of what I think of the Frog range, they're cheap and as far as the needs of the majority of users are concerned they do the job perfectly well.

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Ah the joys of Goldenscans and manual desks....especially when its an outdoor event and the desk keeps freezing due to overexposure to the sun... can't beat it for teaching you the benefits of HTP programming tho
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