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JBL Control 28


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A customer tells me one of their Control 28's "was being used to play some loud music and now doesn't work at all"


I will visit to fault find and ensure the problem is within the speaker. I've encountered speaker failures where one of the drivers has stopped working, but not the whole box before. Is this likely to be a crossover issue, are there any easily replaced parts within these cabinets? Is it likely to be visually evident within the cabinet or not?


Any advice appreciated so I can get them back up and running ASAP

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Bruce is quite correct. I end up repairing dozens of these along with Control 25s, schools seem to be able to take them out with monotonous regularity! The normal result is a blown LF driver (replacement part no. 124-58001-00) and the PCB fuse on the crossover (FF01204 from CPC).


We tend to install ElectroVoice Evids nowadays, they seem harder to damage!





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John and Bruce,


Spot on advice, thanks very much. Changed over the fuse and the top end came back to life. Swapped the crossover with another speaker and proved the LF driver is broken. Now to source the driver. Anybody able to beat £71.50 including delivery and VAT?

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