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Pearl 2008


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Sure. I understand that. All I can think is it is a hardware issue where it is reading fader moves. Should be ok in run mode I guess. Good luck!


This is such a bizarre problem. Basically it appears the software is ignoring the clear button, though the diagnostics show that the clear button is working.

I survived the first night of the event by resetting the console after programming and not using any preset faders. Now I have patched some LED fixtures as well, and if you select those using the swop buttons, you can't even deselect them by pressing Clear, and as with the dimmers all attributes remain stuck in the programmer.


Fortunately the Pearl classic software boots very quickly from reset...

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Weird. The only vaguely familiar issue I can remember was when the switch caps had been put on wrongly but I'm sure you would have spotted that! The only options I can suggest are a hardware wipeall and, if that doesn't help, reinstall the OS.


Just resurrecting this thread to add closure as my mystery (Clear button not working on Pearl Tiger) has been accidentally solved.


It was indeed the button caps. The Clear and Dot button caps had been swapped over (or put on wrongly at the factory maybe?). I didn't notice it as I never had another console next to it.

Found out by accidentally pressing the Dot button when aiming for the Clear button.

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