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Smallest simplest chasing DMX controller...


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Hi folks-


We have a DMX-controlled starcloth. If it goes out on dry hire and the client wants it to twinkle, then we've been sending out a 12-channel desk with a chase programmed. Recently no less than three of these desks have died of old age, so I'm trying to find a simple (and obviously, as cheap as possible...) controller to replace these dead desks. It's a four DMX channel cloth, so this controller really just needs to do an "all on" look and a "twinkle" look, although if speed and crossfade were also adjustable, that would be great. The starcloth supplier does a custom controller for almost £300+VAT, but does anybody know of a cheaper alternative- a four or six channel DMX "desk" or control box with chase(s)- that would do the job?


Thanks, Martin.

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We've just brought a Chauvet "Obey4" for exactly the same reasons. It took us a little while to get our head round what each of the controls did, but after an hour or so we'd got several combinations of settings that twinkled in various styles. Approx cost £50.



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