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Aluminium Flightcase Plaque


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am currently looking for a small quantity (ideally around 20) of Flightcase plaques for the few bits I have that need them as they are starting to be sub hired and a blank case is a little too easy to lose! And I want something a bit smarter than a gaffered on bit of paper as its mainly for corporate jobs. The issue im having is the PAL kind of labels are usually sold in much higher quantities so make it very expensive and I end up with loads of labels I dont want.


So have been looking at getting aluminium plaques as they seem to be easier to get in smaller quantities. My questions are:


has anyone used some of these before, particularly to write on and wipe off job details?


and has anyone got a supplier they can recommend?



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Hi Guys,


thanks for the responses, unfortunately yes I did mean to add that I wanted personalised ones. Have got a few quotes back for engraved ones and they seem stupidly expensive (£300 for 20!) the first quote I got for PAL ones was about £100 less for about a 100 of them! guess ill probably end up getting lots of them, sure ill use them up eventually!


And thanks DD will have an investigate... did also think of finding someone with a laser printer I can borrow...

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To be honest I think that im going to be going with the PAL printed labels (I really do want them printed as anything stuck on is always going to fall apart over time. Although it is quite expensive im happy to pay it, just wanted to check there wasn't a cheaper way, but actually a couple of quid per custom printed label isnt bad, just a shame it has to be in a higher quantity!


but if anyone else does have any ingenious flight case labelling solutions I would be interested to hear them, still going to look at metal ones but they do seem to be coming out more expensive...

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