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Le Maitre twin flash pod

Richard P-W

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Indeed the twin pods (and even 4 way pods!!) were designed to run from the Le Maitre 6/24 control system on the A-B-C-D switch...


You could(!) use a twin pod with a ProStage 2 way or 6 way controller as they too are DC controllers but you would need to identify the polarities of the two core cables in the Bulgin plugs and find a way to reverse them to function the second cue/circuit.




for the diode diagram of how the original 2 x double pods should be linked to give the 4 channel version


If you had two double pods and you were prepared to make an interface box (1 x 2-core Bulgin Socket IN - rotary A-B-C-D switch - 1 x 3-core Bulgin Socket OUT then you would have a complete 4 channel system from your ProStage 2 way or 6 way controller. You will need 3-core Cable between your new Interface box and your first double (A-B) pod (and take care identifying the proper IN end from the OUT end of the double pod)- you will only need a 2-core Bulgin - Bulgin cable to link to the next double pod (C-D)


As with all things pyro and explosive - do not test with live pyro - test with signal lamps to understand what is (or not) going on.


And yes, I do pay a fortune in Professional Indemnity Insurance to be able to bring this information to you freely !


Do it carefully ALWAYS


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Thanks a lot for the info Lincoln.


All my Bulgin cables are 3 core and I've worked out the truth table for a 3 pole 4 way switch to do what you suggest with the polarity. It would certainly cut down on cable runs and removes the possibility of firing more than one circuit in the group of 4, which is a good safety enhancement.


I have also realised that my (other) old Pyroflash controller with a basic AC transformer output would need to be kept well away from such a set up!

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