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Laser safety training


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One f the lads who runs noise/lx occasionally at my venue is also a bit of a club tech, working in a couple of reasonably sized venues in the area.


He's asked me whether I know of any training courses in the Midlands (preferably) which will give him the necessary grounding to start working with and using club lasers etc.


I had to admit I know not of any, but the great unwashed of the BR may hold someone who does.

As this could apply to theatre users as well, I thought I'd give it a bash.

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Another vote for the LVR course. Did it recently and learnt a lot. It's all theory and no practical on the basic, but it's not too dry. James (the tutor) is a very pleasant bloke.


ETA: The Watford course (corrected link) is the LVR course...

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