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moving light 6k


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thanks for the help.

just to explain what im trying to work out. I have camera shoot in daylight on a roof with a 20 foot runway, and we want to put two moving lights behind the runway and to cross each other in movement so as to flare the camera and also backlight the model to a degree. but it will be shot just after noon. the dp wanted a light that would give the same intensity as a 6k hmi but does not want to use a 6k as the lights will be in shot and have to look good.


thanks again for your help.

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So you want a moving light that can do beams that can crack daylight, honestly you might be better off having a shoot out.


I suggest the following:


Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500

Clay Paky Sharpy

Vari Light 3500 Wash


The above are smaller lights ie between 2and 3 ft tall the sharpy a lot smaller. For these fixtures you could try PRG or Neg Earth or Panalux. While Panalux don't own all of these they could certainly sub them in for you at the right price...


At the very much physically larger end of the spectrum

A 7k Falcon Beam from HSL Ltd is very large but not really that bright for its size

B52 or 7K Syncrolights are brighter in my opinion but I don't believe they are available on general hire in this country, usually coming from Germany.

The 7k Biglite again is only available on the continent but is a good light.

A Nova Beam might do it but its large for not much out but it can run off a 13amp plug. Panalux has these I think.


If you have to get these onto a roof you might be better off with the smaller units above. Power wise the bigger 2 run off 32/3 each. Do you have a Lumen level you are after. All of these fixtures will have published levels on the company website.


I think in day light you should consider a few smoke machines to help pickup the beams. And I mean smoke machines not hazers

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Depends what you mean by 'having to look good' but here is the Arri Max Mover:-




You can put most standard Arri HMIs onto it, all the way up to the 18kw Arrimax. May still look like an HMI in shot but depends how close your shot is and if it's in silhouette etc. They do look quite cool when all rigged up and can be used on a manual remote or via DMX (the DMX control is a bit unusual though!)

Panalux and Arri Lighting Rental both stock them.

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Box => outside.


Rather than fighting the sun, why not use it.

How about this: http://www.vari-lite.com/clientuploads/directory/downloads/vlm_spec.pdf


Reflect the sun on the mirror to get the effect you want.

No big unsightly units, less power needed!


Of course, if it is an overcast day you're stuffed...

But then you can roll out a couple of 18K HMI out of shot with a tight focus on the mirrors.

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