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Best place to sell old lanterns


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Hi team,


In order to have a bit of extra spending money, I want to sell some old theatre stock so I can buy some much-needed equipment.


I have about 30 Strand Lanterns gathering dust which are not part of our usual rig (ETC S4 Profiles, Thomas PARs, Spotlight Combi Fres/PCs)


  • 15 X Strand Prelude 16/30
  • 4 X Strand Prelude 40
  • 6 X Strand Cantata 18/32


All are in pretty good nick, all with Shutter blades, gel frames and original Strand IEC plug>sockets



Any idea where would be best to get rid of them?


I'm not selling them (YET)... just getting some ideas.



Cheers M'Dears.

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I'd be tempted to try a phone call or eMail to UsedLighting first off and see if they're interested, it's about the right vintage kit for them.


Someone else is going to follow this post by quoting eBay (which is an option of course) but I doubt your list would sell - it seems to be mostly Patt 123,23 and the Furse/Major lookalikes that sell easiest there at the moment. You could try the Classified section here but my instinct tells me you need to reach small/amateur theatre as your kit is almost stock in trade for that size of venue and I doubt you'd much problem finding one or two buyers ready to take your hand off :P

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To give you an idea of prices to expect from eBay...


The last Cantatas I sold on eBay went for £40 each. That was 6 years ago and if anything the prices have gone down since then.


Preludes - you're looking at £30-£40 each for the fixed beam; £40-£50 for the zooms.



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Used Lighting are keen on Cantatas, but were more interested in certain beam angles than others. (I can't remember which, but it wasn't the ones I was trying to sell at the time!)


As others have said above, worth a phone call.


I've successfully shifted quite a few Preludes etc. on eBay over the years (mainly come out of school theatres that were closing down) and whilst there is still demand for them prices aren't great and the lanterns are awkward to package and vulnerable to courier damage. It'd be a lot less hassle to sell to someone local who can pick up. You're close enough to London that there is a large market within striking distance of you.

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