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On Air Sign


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I am looking into making an 'On Air' sign to be lit during a production of The Emperors New Clothes,

I want to be able to plug it into the regular sockets on the rig so that I can operate it from the desk in the control room. all I can think of is setting up a strip light inside a box to create this effect, but I will then not be able to fade it.

Ant suggestions?

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The concept of a dimmable signbox is almost the same as what we discussed in your other topic about hanging bulbs. Sorry to be blunt, but did you not get the message there that you are better to ask someone near to you like your physics teacher, or an electrician, rather than ask online?


Mark summed it up pretty well:


Find a knowledgeable professional to do it for you or demonstrate how to do it and then supervise you, before you kill either yourself or some unsuspecting innocent. Sorry for the blunt reply, but mains electricity isn't something you want to get wrong, and isn't something you (should) learn about from experimentation.



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