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Gels melting


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Just to take this topic a bit further... I know that there are different sorts of filters HT and the like. But what does this mean? Does the whole tungsten, halogen lx stuff effect it and how?


I'm new to actually being able to play with colour so an explanation of the types of filter would be most useful.


I bow to the master yoda's that are out there.




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HT just means High Temperature. It's made from a different plastic that resists heat better, and is made in a slightly different way too (the colour is sandwiched between two clear layers) which also helps prevent fading. There is a more limited selection though. I was going to link you to Lee Filters site...but the site doesn't have much to say about HT!


Rosco Supergel, on the other hand, is all made in this way. Which is why it's more expensive than bog-standard Lee Filter, and comparable in price to Lee HT. Roscos Site has a really useful diagram of how they make supergel, which I guess is also the way Lee make HT (roughly speaking, without violating any patents!).


Why do Lee make "normal" gel, and why do Rosco make e-Colour (their version)? Well, aside from being more expensive to make, HT gel has a different "feel" to normal gel - it's less rigid and doesn't handle as well, in my experience. And theres no way to get away without a gel frame when you use it.

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ha ha! useful info, cheers. All my gels keep melting or hot-spotting so HT stuff would be of more use.


It would however help if I had bars in the right place so my angles work. Trying to explain to a director that a deep blue pointing almost downwards won't last more than about 30 seconds is very frustrating!


any hoo



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