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Should I return my LS9


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<NOT in keyboard warrior mode..>


Just trying to "read" the feeling of whats going on here...

So your saying the general BR feeling is that I should stay in hibernation?


As I have said in the past, I am reading quite a lot of posts, I just tend not to login.

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Obviously it was just ment as a bit of silly fun for both tech people I know and RC people I know...


I will say this, due to my awful acting, I neglected to pass my hands/transmitter/shaddows over the faders to proove no video trickery... This does not mean that the manner in which it was done, it is not possible to do.

Also I did absolutely nothing to modify the desk or put its warrenty period in danger...


It took me a little thinking to work out how to do it, but for anyone who wishes to analyse it, its in 1080p so you can downoad it and zoom in on whatever you like and notice there are no wires other than the mains or taped to the mains.. and as I said no warrenty voided so no cleaver use of cores inside a fake IEC.... You will also notice that the desk screen does not change scene memory and all reflections on the screen are real... and clearly no cables in the back means no midi.


Like I said, was just a silly giggle between friends on facebook and I felt the BR might appreciate it too.

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I spotted a reflection/shadow that looks to appear a little bit too suddenly, suggesting a cut, at 0:40 - just before the arm comes in to shot. Close to the rivit on the flightcase, nearest to the stereo level/FX return encoders on the desk.


If it isn't video trickery, then the only other way I can think of doing it would be to place the receiver for the TX inside the LS9, and basically plug in the servo PWM control into the receiver. Not sure if this would void the warranty - but it probably would. I'm not sure if the PWM position encoding is the same for servos as it is for motorised faders? This method may also constitue as modifying the desk too!





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Dissapointed in myself for giving in so easily but...


Ok so,, all shot in one take on locked off tripod. Start recording...

-- Firstly, with wireless router connected, use ipad to fade up and down each channel..

-- Remove the wireless router...

-- Do the oscar worthy acting with the transmitter but an obviously inactive desk, leaving it plugged in and on screen to proove scenes dont change and its not a still image etc as faking shaddows and reflections just needs programs like aftereffects etc which I just dont have..


Now here is where I messed up a LITTLE, YES there is a cut at 0:40 because I messed up my acting, I actually knocked the tx onto the floor and swore a bit, but it really was just trimming out that.. and TBH for all that I studied the video that flaw escaped me!


-- Turn the desk round and show only mains is powering it and nothing else.... as is the case..


Now the editing:

take "acting" section of the clip and set markers at the points where I moved the TX stick & switches and label them... create a new track layer for fader 1 up, fader 1 down and fader one locked raised... repeat this for fader 8.

Take that video recorded of faders moving, First stage is to crop out everything exept the fader area AND its shaddows/reflections... eg the crop for fader 1 was just slightly to its left but almost into the middle of fader 2 due to the shaddow. So you just end up with a video clip of a moving fader floatin in the middle of a transparent background which will naturally align perfectly as you dont move the desk AT ALL when removing the wifi router.

now trim the clip so you have 3 individuall clips, one fader going up, one fader locked up and one fader going down and repeat for fader 8....

Copy and paste the relavent animation to the marker you set on the "acting section" of the video...

Use the "fader locked up" on loop to fill the gap between the up and down animation... if not you see fader fade up.. snap down... then snap up to fade down.. rather than have it stay up where it should be.


So basically when the faders are animated or locked up, there are croped layers over the video which also mask out the "non animated" faders... but when the faders are down its purely the original video...


What I didnt notice while recording, was that the fader 1 dust guard/rubber seal actually took about 5 seconds to relocate itself and close fully when the fader went down... so there is actually a disolve there, after fader goes down the seal is in one place and it disolves to how it actually is during the acting stage of the recording..


Now a little red herring was that I said I wish I had passed my hands over the faders to proove I wasnt doing video trickery..... I didnt say I wasnt doing video trickery ;)

Its like in most magic tricks... If they show you theres nothing in the box.. means theres something in the box and you just cant see it.

so if I had to do it again I wouldve done this, I could;ve either made sure I did it when faders were down so nothing to manualy mask, or I could;ve done it with fader up and for the case of just a few frames, hand painted the mask ound my hand on each frame..



Anyway.. Like I said, was just a silly bit of fun for apirl fools for friends on facebook, hope it enterntained at least some of you...

It was done on sony movie studio, the most basic of basic video editing packages and took me all in, about 20 mins to get done.

The thought process was really around me thinking up a "script" order to get things done and make it look as genuine as possible and how to make sure that shaddows and reflections were as good as I could get them because they are usually the big give-aways. Also how to add little extras to make it not look like an editing trick... ie make sure people can see the scene memory doenst change, and the rc transmitter has a clock counting up so they can see its real and on etc.. just small things all adding up to the bigger picture.


I HAD thought about doing it with the camera freehand and using the 30day free trial of final cut as its got a great camera/motion 3d tracking addon that means the masks would've followed the desk and resized and reformed etc .. but for the case of getting it done quick and easy I thought this was enough.

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