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Urgent Help required - Doughnut Revolve


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Hi All,

I am really hopeful someone here is able to help.

Essentially, have a production on in early March. The company that I have ordered a revolve through (who shall remain nameless) has just pulled out last minute - offering me an alternative that is not suitable.


Does anyone know of any companies in the UK who currently stock a Donut revolve? The out ring would be a maximum of 16ft. Ideally it would be 4500mm, but at this stage - Id take anything. The inner ring could be any size to be honest. I'm truly desperate.


If anyone knows of anyone/ anything that they could put me in contact with, that would be amazing.


Quite literally, my job is on the line...


Many thanks,


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Firstly, can't believe I spelt donut wrong - thats how stressed I am about this.


Thanks for the linky; I know they *usually* do those products and I didn't want to name and shame. I've googled and called a few other companies but keep coming up with nothing.


Was hopeful that someone would know of someone/ somewhere that has had one custom built or something.


Unless anyone knows who the Boss is at Revolving Stage Co?? ;)

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