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Sennheiser G1 Rack Mount


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Hey Guys,

I've recently acquired a Sennhieser G1 (to be exact the EW100 handheld and receiver). I wanted to put it into one of the rack units, but I can't seam to find anyone selling trays etc to mount the receiver.

I did have a look on the side of the receiver and couldn't see any screw holes for rack ears.

Looking at the size of it, and dimentions, they seam to be half rack unit size, so I guess there's a way, but not too sure.

Do any of you know if these are rack mountable, and if so where to get the tray/ears from? And if not, is there a solution to fix non rack mountable equipment to a rack?

Hope you're all well!



Josh Moore


Freelance sound engineer in the Midlands

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I'm pretty sure these units used screw holes on the bottom. Mounting one is simple enough though with a thin, flat 1U tray, just make a paper template of the holes in the bottom of the receiver and then drill the rack tray to suit
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