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We have most of their models at my day job. But I find the innards irrelevant - all I want to know is the input impedance, whether it has a ground lift, and whether it needs phantom power (all Radial actives do, save for a couple that come with a small PSU).
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Anyone own any Radial Engineering DI/Isolator type products? I've got a question which can only be answered by someone with the product in front of them whilst armed with a screwdriver.


Someone may have answered by now if they knew what the question was.



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It's a very odd question but look at this picture...




We can ignore the three flanges labelled 'A'. This leaves us with four sides of a cube. It's not possible to fold this shape from the flat so somewhere must be some joins/seams. All the Radial products I have seen feel very strong and so I have every reason to believe that these joins must be welded. So the vertical seams labelled B could be welded but I don't believe this is the case. So this would tend to suggest that the seams labelled C are welded. I'm interested if anyone knows.


And thanks to the BR community I have my answer! There is a drink or two waiting for someone.

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I read this post a few days back and thought I would email and share this with Radial as we distribute their products in the UK. Here is the reply from Peter Janis, President of Radial Engineering.


1. We design the product using Solid-Works working closely with our metal shop


2. The metal is fabricated from 14 gauge steel and laser cut to a specific shape


3. It is then folded using a combination of robotics and hand workmanship


4. The I beam design is extremely rugged and will not bend under extreme conditions


5. This prevents the PCB from torque which could lead to early part failure


6. There is no welding involved anymore due to the improved design


7. This maximises the yield of the metal, reducing waste


8. By using the most advanced manufacturing facility,we can build in Canada and be competitive


9. By reducing problems in the field, we reduce service costs


10. This reduces equipment down time which is important for professionals


11. Radial products are supported with a 3 year transferable warranty





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