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What's the purpose of the sticking out bit of the Sennheiser GA 3



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  1. 1. Should I grind them?

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I've got a GA3 rackmount adapter for our EW100 series receivers. The front sticks out a lot. Is this just to provide protection for connected antennas?


I'm fitting into a case that doesn't quite have enough clearance (and I'm not using antennas in the case)... so can I just get rid of them?


I'd be interested to hear what they are for.




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I think they are there to protect the knobs on the receivers. There may be some other use also as I don't know why they have holes in.


Additionally if you use the front mount for the aerials it also provides protection.

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I realise this is too late, but I have on occasion mounted things with extra large "sticky out bits" behind the rack strip. Can be a bit tricky to do, but the long extension of a socket set usually will hold a nut in place while I do up the bolt from the front.
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