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Multiplay won't play certain cues


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I've been using the excellent Multiplay cueing software for a couple of years. I'm seeing a problem that I have been working round, but hope for a solution:


Some cues just won't play !

eg, I create a normal audio cue, and link it to an MP3 file. The cue shows the red cross in the 1st column, indicating a problem with the cue. (When I check the source file, it plays ok in Windows Media Player)


This problem only applies to some MP3 files. Some MP3 files play ok, some don't. (Probably different sources !).


I have seen this problem on our theatre laptop, which uses Windows XP, and also my laptop, which uses Windows 7. I am using Multiplay Version


I wondered about Codecs, and downloaded a free pack. No difference.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've searched this website, and read about the Windows 7 / Sound quality issues (which I haven't witnessed), but can't see anything on my problem.


Thanks for any thoughts.


cheers, Zulu

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The files that aren't working, are they variable bitrate files by any chance? If memory serves, VBR Mp3's throw the time remaining/elapsed off, so this might be a extra issue?


I just use Free:AC (free audio converter) to convert everything to wav as a matter of course, it's not like storage space is precious any more :)




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Thanks, David

I just downloaded fre:ac, and converted a couple of my problem files to WAV. No Good !

Same problem. So the problem isn't limited to MP3 files. Hmmmm.


The files that aren't working, are they variable bitrate files by any chance?

I've just checked the bit rates:

MP3 version is 128kbps

WAV version is 1141kbps.

Don't know if this is normal, but it doesn't sound like a variable bit rate.

cheers, Zulu

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I have had exactly the same prob. Cue plays perfectly a first time then another time (5mins later) I get the red triangle of silence. Reload the cue (from same file) and no problem at all.


The instant fix (which worked most times) was to mouse over the red triangle, left click, then space bar and then it played.


Did a run a few weeks back and had a prob almost every show but with a different cue. The Dir. (v. computer literate) had a theory that the original files were off an XP lappie to mine which is running W7. I suppose DD would like to know so if he is running a search for every comment on MP hopefully he has picked this up. (apols for not directly doing the bug report thing).


My lappie is an Acer 1410T which may or may not be relevant.


One cue which would not play every time came from another source, viz Iphone, sent via email. Had to reload it into MP a couple of times and now it plays ok.

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