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Advice on external lighting..


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It does occur to me that the programming could well be part of the permission process - a gentle colour change might be ok, but swapping it for incessant strobing could be a problem - so maybe the idea of manual control/auto control could be an issue.




Can we try to be nice? There really is no need for a personal attack. We were going to edit it out, but replies have been made quoting it, so it's not so easy to remove, without lots of editing of other people's posts.

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Err.. that's your opinion based on what you think you know about me, but you don't know, or haven't bothered to think about it! You angry little uniformed man.


Peace out.


Please do inform us. Mostly everyone who has replied to offer advice to you has some information or a link to back up who they are. In the anonymous world of the internet this real world link is important. And it helps to set people apart and explain who they are and their background. I'm afraid your posts do not read, to me, like someone who has experience of doing this type of project before. That's not a personal attack it is simply who it comes across, feel free to demonstrate otherwise.


In a permanent installation the areas that are needed to be considered are far greater than the temporary installations normally discussed on the Blue Room.


If all you want is a pointer in the right direction for some colour mixing lights suitable to wash the exterior of a building then head up to Lux Live at Earls Court in London today. Most of the big manufacturers are there and there are plenty of fixtures that will do the job.



Edit: Spelling...

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