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very small PA system


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Hi all,


Hoping you can help as I am stumped...


I need to find a REALLY easy and VERY small PA system for an exhibition stand which tours exhibitions around the country.


The demonstrator on the exhibition stand needs just a little bit of boosting to save their voice and project a little better.


The stand is set up by non technical people, so it needs to be a REALLY easy solution.


I am thinking of a headset mic (either wired or wireless) for the demonstrator and then plugging in to a single active speaker or something?


It's only voice - and the quality really isn't massively important - so a single speaker would be fine.


Ideally this would be quite a small solution too - so it doesn't look unobtrusive on the (quiet small) exhibition stand.


I guess I am really looking for a small powered speaker which I can plug a mic straight into the back of? They used to make these "talking brick" things that I have been searching for but cannot find.


Any thoughts on what might be a good solution for this? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


Many thanks,



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How about something like the Mackie SRM150 (not used it, just had a quick browse on and it seems to fit your bill: http://www.dolphinmu...kie-srm150.html).


If you want easiest operation, I'd avoid wireless, but I guess it would be pretty useful in an exhibition. If so then http://www.dolphinmu...et-band-d-.html is about the cheapest Dolphin have (and looks fairly simple to operate).

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I have to admit they're not as cheap, but have a look at the SoundRanger systems. We have a battery powered Wireless 2C system - it's a wireless radio mic and a battery powered small active speaker (I think it's 2x 4inch drivers - but it's optimised for speech and is surprisingly effective) - you just turn the mic and speaker on and it works.


If you can get away with the mains powered speaker you can same some money as well - we use the battery system though and it runs for about 12 hours on a charge - and charges on a standard mains kettle lead.


They do have a smaller system than the 2C as well - the Micro - you can order that with a headset mic.

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If quality isn't an issue and simplicity is, how about this - http://avslgroup.com...oduct/178.840UK



Build quality isn't too bad on ours, and nor is sound quality - would probably do quite well for what the O/P wants.


They're also releasing a new all in one - http://avslgroup.com/en/product/952.400UK (had a demo from the rep the other day - for something at that price point, it's not a bad little product. Just no top hat mounting for putting on a speaker stand.

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