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Wireless audio link


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Is timecode music? Sending time code allows similtaneous synchronised playback without broadcasting the music on the radio.

It depends if Ofcom define timecode as music or as a control signal.


Mono audio, balanced at line level, should be fine down a kilometre of cat5 (or other suitable cheap twisted pair). 3 x 305m reels should be under £150. Obviously you still have the labour of pulling in and out but you could cut it into manageable lumps on the out and dump/recycle afterwards.

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Radica or someone with portable band 1 link kit?


Band 1 will punch through trees and such better then UHF, and the license for a one day one off will not exactly be expensive, but with 3 full seconds of acoustic lag over a km path length you might want to think carefully about the implications.


Regards, Dan.

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RSL type radio links can be hired from quite a few people - these people, for example.


or Ian Hickling at Transplan http://www.transplanuk.com/

or Andy Bantock at Station Z http://www.station-z.co.uk/

or Nick Beer at West Country Broadcast http://www.westcountrybs.co.uk/


I take it you don't need a bidirectional link?


You could go digital - I've got kit here (cost about 700 pounds trade) which will do a line-of-sight data link over several km, with audio encoders/decoders each end - latency is well under a second at the highest bandwidth setting.


If you have a broadband link each end, and a couple of PCs, you could set up a link with a few seconds latency at minimal cost.

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If its a clear run that can be walked with no roads, then I'd get 10 x 100m XLR drums, and a wheelbarrow. Then go for a 2km walk... No worries about drop out, atmospheric conditions causing issues etc.


Call me a ludite, but I always prefer a cable link where possible.

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