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Fixture Library for ETC Ion (Eos family)


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I giggled at the thought of all the Ion theatre users turning their noses up at the very idea of such a thing as and ol' skool centerpiece like the Dominator.


There is a complete possibility that the fixture does not yet exist for the Ion/Eos, however if so it's not totally ETCs fault. Like some other desk makers, ETC makes use of the Carallon fixture library so perhaps it's not there as yet.

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You can't believe it? Why would you expect a console designed for theatre and television to feature a fixture personality file for a nightclub centrepiece?!


That said, the guys at ETC are very good at adding things to the library on request - visit www.etcconnect,com and make your request on the support forums on that site. Many members of ETC staff are frequent visitors to the support forum, and I reckon they'd be able to help you with your request.

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Unlike the old Strand fixture lib, which was limited to a definite (and very low) number of fixtures the ETC library is pretty much open ended. They'll help you define the fixture if you need it and may very well add it on to their list for the next release drop, if they deem it one that may come up again in the future.


But as Gareth says, there's not likely to be the call for that sort of fixture normally on a theatre desk, and when you think of the potentially hundreds of other disco options out there from cheapie Chinese tat to even the more respectable manufacturers, it would be imnpossible to get them all in the list...

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Wow, I pop onto the Blue Room looking for something completely different and look what I find. For those who haven't come across me before, I happen to run the Carallon fixture library - the one that ETC does indeed use in the Eos/Ion range. I was drawn to this thread like a moth to a flame once I spotted its title.


We've currently got well over 7000 personalities covering 3000 fixtures in our database, so I'm sorry it doesn't include the particular one you want, but I can assure you it's not 'cos we sit around drinking tea all day. The reason we haven't written the Dominator already is because:

- It's a club/disco fixture - not really the target market for the consoles that use our database

- It was already on the market when we launched the service so we never got round to writing it as we tried to work our way through all the legacy fixtures

but most of all though

- No one has asked us to write it.


The vast majority of fixtures we write are driven by user requests *via the console manufacturers we support*. That last bit is very important. The fact that we've been talking on here doesn't mean that I'm going to head off and write the personality for you I'm afraid. I can't send a personality off to ETC tech support and say "please convert this into Eos format and send it off to that chap on the Blue Room". I can only respond to requests from manufacturers we support, I can't tell them what to do. That means that if you want ETC to send you a personality for the Dominator you have to start the ball rolling by asking them for it.


The best way is to send them an email, enclosing the user manual (much better than the DMX spec), and saying when you need it by. They will then decide if they want to write it themselves, if they want us to write it for them maybe, or if they think you should write it yourself. So be nice to them and give them as much notice as possible. Which option they choose will depend on how busy they are (LDI opens on Sunday for example), what they've already asked us to do for them, the target date, and I guess how nice you are to them. If I were them I'd just explain to you how to write the mirror drum channels for example, because they are the only ones you haven't managed to write. But then you could also accuse me of being biased...


The Carallon fixture library service isn't some faceless organisation making outrageous decisions not to write personalities for particular fixtures (not that you accused us of that). The library service is just Trevor & I, both with many years working out in the field in this industry. We know what it's like to be out on your own somewhere with deadlines looming and depending on someone in the office to supply you with the information / equipment / whatever that you need to get you going. We do our best to meet the deadlines we are given, and to provide the most accurate personalities we can - often in the face of some shockingly bad user manuals (*).


I hope this helps.






(*) For those who like a brain teaser, my favorite quote from a DMX spec is:

Swings the head lamp numerical code address hypothesis table(An+1-An= The control bench passes the magical skill)


My knowledge of hypothesis tables is a bit rusty at the moment, but that's what we're up against sometimes.

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Andy, many thanks for your reply, I wrote to ETC and Robe long before I posted this but have still not had any success. I guess I'll just plod on with the programming and see what I can come up with; I did manage to get them going one way but not the other! Anyway, thanks again for a straight answer, nice to meet someone who knows their stuff and is happy to share their knowledge. Regards, Joe.
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PM Sent.


My personal favourite quote from a manual is:


*** The first and second channels are priority distinction!


e) Note Things:

1. avoid minefields, strong magnetic field and high-pressure area at the time of installation.

I still have no idea what the first bit means, but I'll certainly take heed and avoid entering any minefields!

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