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Costume Rails


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Were looking to upgrade a drama props and costume room within a school. What we are after ideally is strong poles for hanging costume on. Standard Scaffold poles are too wide to fit the conventional coat hanger on. Smaller sections of stong wardrobe rails are available in DIY shops but tend to only be a max of 2m long.


Does anybody know of a supplier that offers strong rails/poles in custom or longer lengths (Im happy to cut myself)?


Or is there a better product?


I will also add that the rails are to be fitted inside a prefab building. We will probably reinforce the fixing point with blocks of wood, but the stretch of the costume rails are to be about 3m. Are there scaff clamps of a smaller size that I can fit in case I need to install an upright to limit the flex and sag?




(Im happy to cut myself)?




I want to make it clear that im actually happy to cut the poles myself, not cut myself!

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Have you considered getting some free standing commercial rails. We picked some 6' ones up from fleabay for around £20-30 (new) each. They are very sturdy and the rail is an ellipse and even when it is full shows very little deflection.


If installation is important, you could look for a supplier of elliptical pole. I suspect it would probably be more cost effective to get a few rails which are flat pack anyway and just use the bits you need.

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I have used the 'mini-scaff' option to create three rooms of permanent clothes rails.


Flints do size 6 or 33.7mm scarf, in steel, with Kee-Klamp type fittings to suit.


Easy to erect and finish, all you really need is an SDS drill, a metal chop saw, tape measure, 6mm Allen key and 13mm ratchet.


I wouldn't use conduit, but rails may be a better solution as the storage can be moved if required.

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We use the heavy duty portable ones, it makes it easier to drag things out of the store when searching for costume, or to prep a show's worth of costume onto a few and then roll it to the dressing rooms.


I suspect conduit would be too weak, but the smaller 30something mm scaff and keyclamps as used for handrails could make a nice installed system.

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Thanks to everybody for their replies.


We have used flints before and always been impressed with their range and helpful advice. A more thorough browse on their website has come up with the mini scaff which is perfect and the various clamps and attachments in size 6 make in perfect.


Pricing is also good!


Once again thanks!

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Really good company is:


Fred R Powell & Son Ltd

Avonside Road




Tel: 0117 971 7971


Email: n.chapman@ellissteelgroup.co.uk


They provided me with few lengths of 25/32mm galvanised steel tubing ideal for costume rails; plus end fixings. Good price and delivery charges.

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Another vote for 33mm kee-klamp type fittings and poles. There are many suppliers cheaper than Flints (sorry Flints) and also many similar products. I've used Alvin before but it's worth a quick shop around.

I would strongly suggest you go for a ground supported system with fixings to walls for stability. A 3m rail full of costumes will be very heavy. Additional uprights also help to create bays so you can keep types of costume separated.

If you're hanging shirts or mens jackets, you could creat a double deck system with a high rail (maybe accessible by a small set of steps) and a low rail which need only be about 4' off the ground.


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I now use:




for all my Kee-Klamp needs. Size 2 is Flints size 4. Generally about 40% cheaper than Flints.

Thanks for that link - we use Harsco which are cheaper than Flints but we are still paying much more than your link. (And also it takes them ages to get them in as they aren't stock)

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