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Strobe ropelight


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For a design Im working on I had a thought of having a strobe capsule ropelight like. Randomly strung round the back of a rig for an effect.



All I can find is domestic standard ones. Is there a DMX strope capsule rope light in the work or am I dreaming?




I have done the effect with chroma web before but the design in my head would need to be a rope rather then mesh.



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You possibly mean mode electronics Arcline, or possibly Pulsar Flexiflash. The arclines a blue 6' solid 2" clear blue tube with 4 strobes inside. They chain together and indeed strobe in a ropelight fashion with flash rate and movement under the control of a controler. Partularly effetive sound to light.




Ive got a sizeable amount and its an effect you cant do any other way {other than flexiflash} , but it doesnt travel well and is tedious to maintain. It however does something that all the video walls and sharpies in the world wont...

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Are you rich? .ebay.co.uk/itm/22-x-Mode-Electronics-ArcLine-Xenon-Tubes-RARE/123628685439?hash=item1cc8d8087f:g:5YkAAOSwi6dcWD4H&frcec


and thats just the tubes.


There was a time in the UK when plastic cased light bulb sized strobes were common but they had no connection to synchronise the strobing and they would just flash quite moderately at random.

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