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Remote / wireless sound meter


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Hi Guys,


I run a few events each year, where we are required to record sound levels at various points during the event. Currently this is done with a volunteer who runs around with a sound level meter and makes recording every 5 mins.


Are there any portable sound level meters avaliable, which can either be put on the end of a cable, or transmit the current levels back to a FOH position, where they can be recorded, and monitored in real time? I know that there are meters which record the levels, but we need to see the realtime levels to allow us to respond.


Many thanks,



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Hi, Chris,


How far away are the monitoring points, and how many points need to be monitored? Furthermore, do you need to measure just A weighted sound pressure level or do you need other weightings and/or Leq etc.?


There are wireless solutions, logging solutions, devices that you can interogate by mobile phone, and those which will alert you by SMS if they exceed set threshold points. The stuff used by acoustic consultants costs many £thousands, so some indication of what you'd like to pay would help!




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You can get anything you want, all that Simon mentions, intranet, internet, .... radio the lot, but you need money. A fair chunk of it and it is usually cheaper to have the geezers on motorbikes or the volunteers running round like loonies.

Check out this web page, just one of many firms available; Noisemeters


Never have guessed that would you?

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