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Narrow GU10


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I do not believe that narrow beam GU10s exist, at least nothing like as narrow as 20 degrees, let alone 12.

So called narrow beam GU10s can be found but are not actually that narrow.


GU10 are of course mains voltage, and this means that the filament is too large too focus into a narrow beam without a relatively large reflector.

The filament has already been made as compact as feasible, which explains why these lamps are so vulnerable to vibration.


Can you fit remote transformers and use 12 volt MR16 lamps ?, these are available in narrower beam angles.

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I've seen a 20º GU10 (non-LED) but never narrower other than in LED replacement.


What are you actually trying to achieve, perhaps there's a non-GU10 way of doing it like, as adam2 suggested, fitting MR16s ..

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