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Dear All

I am delighted to announce the beginning of a brand new resource for Scottish Theatre, Film, TV & Events Technicians, Managers & Designers.

Techtonic was made public a couple of weeks ago and already has over 120 subscribers from all over Scotland and further afield. We hope to provide a little area on the web where Scottish Techs and Techs working in Scotland can meet and share resources, concerns and opinions. There are a number of commercial forums that already provide access to job vacancy's specific to our trade, but 95% of them cost money. We are providing a free resource.

If you are a company or individual looking for advice, a technician or kit then please visit us at http://techtonic.proboards.com and we will do what we can to help you.>Better still, if you're a Scottish Tech or a Technician working/living in Scotland then register with us and join our growing network. You can also follow us on Twitter @TechtonicTweets. It takes a minute to register and less to then introduce yourself. Hope to see you over on the dark side soon.

John Wilkie

Freelance Production Manager & Board Administrator

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Have an aversion to places that force registration before even looking inside.


Good luck with it , but do we need another general tech forum, especially split along geographical lines?


Scotland really isn`t that big a place and sure a lot of members here actually derive a lot of work and obtain resources from other parts of the U.K./world.

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Sorry, but I'd tend to agree.

Many freelancers will travle where the work is, so why start a new resource on devoluted lines?

UK based I can understand, but by your own comments above you serve "Scotland and further afield..."



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Are we sure this isn't a phishing attempt to gain access to Facebook, twitter and the other's passwords. The idea of logging into a private forum using your log-in details from a bigger organisation sound a bit odd to me. I can imagine Google sharing with Facebook, twitter and the other big boys, but anyone can start a forum, advertise it and then we use our generic password and username and give the admins of that forum access to everyones personal details IN FULL. Is this common, and how would a new forum with no history get access to the big boys accounts? Weird?


Paranoid? Maybe!

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Hi guys


Thanks for your responses and concerns. I have worked in Scottish Theatre & Events for over 20 years now and there is a definite need for a network up here. We have issues and problems that are particular to our nation, such as local authority policies that directly affect our industry... especially those that concern H&S etc... e.g. smoking on stage, public event licensing etc... There are many area's where we differ.


The site also offers a sense of national identity, where Scots working abroad (further afield) can link with old friends and colleagues and catch up on local chat.


Ynot: not all freelancers can travel for work... some of us have families and need to stay local.


I agree, we do often need resources that aren't readily available in Scotland e.g. we don't have anything like Flints up here, I don't intend the forum to work in isolation from the rest of the world. It's just an extra network we can use, especially when offering job vacancies and promoting our own talent. We may not be big but we have many small companies (and the biggest arts festival in the world) that need to share resources, hopefully this site will provide that. Introductory posts on the forum already seem to support the need for this.


Pauleers: Logging in using your social network details is optional.... you don't have to.



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