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projection for concerts


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Do I guess that the computer running the projections won't be the one playing the music? Cause if it is then visualisations may be all you need.


However if you're wanting to use the line input on the pc to affect the visualisations then I think winamp has a plugin to do that. Do a bit of googling. Sadly I'm typing this from work and our internet filter won't let me on half the results because they're personal blogs on how to do it. Think it's possible though.



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I used to use a piece of software called Dreamrender. It's not made anymore but I was able to download it but I can't remember where from. It came with a selection of visualisations (Dreams) and there were also 3rd party Dreams you could download for free.



Edit: just found Dreamrender 2 http://dreamrender.en.uptodown.com/ and it's free.

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