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My old Ch69 radio mic kit

Pete Alcock

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I've just had a bizarre email (with a 1.5MB attachment of a single company logo) offering me the chance to buy back the old gear I surrendered to Equiniti under the recent Government-backed scheme.


This seems quite wrong to me. Equiniti have been paid to administer a scheme to take soon-to-be non-compliant equipment out of use, and to compensate those who surrender it. They've done that and it should be end of it - destroy the gear and move on. They're now going against the spirit of the arrangement by trying to sell back the equipment they've acquired at no cost, (therefore any sale revenue is pure profit), and putting a whole bunch of Ch69 gear back into use.


Anyone else got one of these emails, and am I the only one that thinks it stinks? If I ran Ofcom I'd be bloody wild.



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Exactly the same here. I don't know how they have the cheek.


I'm in good mind to visit my local MP. Totally agree that it should be sold to a region of the world able to utilise ch69 but back to the same market is an insult to the admin time and hoops it took me to swap to ch38.


The cheek to actually offer it back to me is a joke.

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