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LED Strobes


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Whilst not strictly speaking actual LED strobes, ALL of our LED gear has a strobe channel. This means that I can effectively strobe all 14 Colorados, 10 LEDJ Omnis and 8 Palettas at the same frequency (and have) which has an unusual effect of having the source light from all angles. And it's a stribe effect I like.

I can also strobe them of course at different freq's which in itself is another nice effect.


I also have a Colorado white LED lantern on demo at the moment which has a much cleaner white output compared to the mixed white of the house gear - whilst not as bright as a 3kW xenon, stick several up at the same location and I'd say you have a decent strobe source.



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ynot has seemed to cover it quite nicely.


Just keep in mind that the LED's obviously have a fairly narrow beam, and if your using them directly pointing at the audience/crowd, they are not very effective, but can be quite intense for the few people your hitting straight on.

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