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T.Amp PA4080KB Spares

Lion Tamer

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Hi All


A customer has brought in a t.amp PA4080KB mixer/amplifier/speaker unit for me to repair, it turns out that the spring reverb unit has unmounted itself from its plate and snapped the wires off of one of the transducers.


Thommann are not being particularly helpful in supplying spare parts so I wondered if you would be able to advise me on where to get the replacement part required.


The reverb unit is a "Belton BSN2EB2E/T".


Thank you



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Belton reverb tanks are the only type widely available now - after they bought out, or took over Accutronics a few years ago.

The numbering scheme seems to follow the Accutronics code (search the Web for more details), but essentially the number tells you everything about the device, horizontal or vertical mounting, how many springs (and their length) and the impedance of the send and receive coils.


Watford valves in the UK stock a selection - but I don't see the type you mention.


Have a look at:


Belton/Accutronics Reverbs

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Try thomann again, they are normally very good with their customer service.


If its less than 3 years old they will fix it foc.


By the looked of the picture of the amp on their website, it looks as if the unit has a celestion badge on it. You could try looking down that avenue.

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