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small coax


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I have a very tiny job for which I NEED short pieces of coaxial conductors, it's not RF but I need to run the occasional pulse of 2KV up a really tiny coaxial cable. What really small ideas can anyone offer please?


Target diameter 3mm! but I need pieces 20mm long. I did once see some silver plated, PTFE coax cable, but I can't now even find a type number for anything like.

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Shirley it's the current you would be concerned about?



Too high a voltage will cause the dielectric to break down.


There's also RG174 which is a more workable cable but I don't think you'll meet your voltage spec with it.



Only 300V with that.

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316 will handle it if the frequency is not too high, or if flexibility is unimportant then there are some rather small teflon insulated hardline or semi rigid cables available targeted for microwave stuff.


You will find that voltage withstand tends to decrease with frequency, and you will probably want to soak test a length at high tension to ensure it will not fail after being in a week or so.


Do be aware that these cables can sometimes be a bit microphonic, which may or may not matter to you.


You building a sonar or something?


Regards, Dan.

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