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Holding/Parking/Capturing channels in the Strand 300


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Hi guys (and gals),


Apologies if this has been covered before. I couldn't find anything on searching the forum.


I have channels that need to stay in at 50% throughout the show (they're rat stands for the orchestra). During the dress yesterday, they were on a sub at 50% but started fading with cues.


The sub (apparently) had to be brought down and back up again to regain control of the channels. I'm the LD, so wasn't in front of the desk when this happened, so I don't know if there was 'operator error' involved. I'm going to give the chap the benefit of the doubt for the time being... Anyway, obviously the orchestra and MD were pretty pissed at all their lights fading out...



If I was using the Ion I would capture the channels at 50% and carry merrily on my way. What is the Strand 300 alternative? I've googled, and checked the manual, which either due to sleep deprivation or rubbish writing, is not helping me. So I throw myself on the knowledge base here. There is something about channel hold that I caught a glimpse of somewhere, but I have no idea of the requisite button pushes.


Any ideas please?


Many Thanks,


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It sounds like the sub function was set to "normal". If you change it to "indep" then the channel can still be controlled by the fader, or can be increased by direct channel control, but won't fall below the level set by the fader. If you change it to "exclusive" then nothing else can control the channel except the fader itself.


Alternatively the "Hold" function could be useful, but I can't remember the syntax on a 300.


All the details you need should be in the online help file. Once in help mode, pressing the key should bring up the stuff about sub functions. similarly the hold button should bring back information about it's function.



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Following on from what Glyn said, to hold a channel, select it (or a range) and then press 'Hold'. E.g. 1+2 HOLD


To unhold the channels, select them again, then on a 300 it would be the Strand Key (shift) and hold. E.g. 1 STRAND(shift) HOLD would unhold just channel 1




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Further to my earlier comment about how to use Hold, I would also '+1' to every one who's said an exclusive mode submaster is a good choice for this sort of thing- Back when I was doing a lot of busking gigs on a 520, Houselights were always on an exclusive sub as a 'safe' place for them!


Also, I vaguely recall there being some ways that a 'hold' can be over-ridden, although I may be imagining that!


Edited to add...

Just fired up one of my virtual consoles to check this with- Hold will not hold a channel if you specifically tell the channel to do something- I.E, channel 1 held at 50% will not change via the cue list, or if you push up a normal sub. However, if you select channel 1, either on it's own, in a range, or select a group that it is part of, etc etc, it will override the hold! (and the channel will stay held at the new value).


In other words, Hold is very useful from a programming point of view, and to potentially 'park' a misbehaving soemthing or other in an otherwise cue'd show, but for a live or busking situation, may not be quite as effective as you want!

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So if you were to hold a fixture at 50% whilst programming cues for a show, would that held fixture be programmed at that value for all of the cues?


Haven't phrased that brilliantly, but Ian knows my brain well enough to know what I mean...


Technically yes, however, if, whilst programming, you manually change it's value, it will then assume the new value and keep it until directed otherwise. Hopefully someone else may correct me if there is a setting to change this operation- if there is I don't know about it!

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I always use unpatched dimmers for this sort of thing.


eg: <DIMMER><10><ON>


or <DIMMER><10><@><50>


Then at the end of the show.


<DIMMER><DIMMER> to unpatch all or


<DIMMER><10><DIMMER> to just repatch dimmer 10


It works every tme for me. I just make a macro to unpatch the dimmers that runs with the pre-show rig check cue and one that repatches them with the post-show rig check.


It saves a submaster.


I find it quite unhelpful if using subs that things like orchestra lights will get recorded into cues even if using "exclusive". What we really needed was an "excluded" (from record) mode. Not much chance now!


Hope this helps!





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