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I think you will find that MagicQ will only work with Chamsys wings.

Otherwise there'd be no incentive to buy their stuff, seeing as they give the software away. ;)


as far as I am aware (although I have not read much into it yet) MagicQ works with other DMX dongles and adapters

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The manual says that there is an Art-Net mode for the wings and MagicQ supports Art-Net so would it be possible to run it that way??


the manual can be found here Page 26 deals with Art-Net


I'm not to clued up on Art-Net so any advice is appreciated

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From the manual for the Enttec wings you linked to:

When Art-Net mode is enabled, the Wing becomes a standalone source for

level information via the Art-Net protocol of DMX over Ethernet.

From the MagicQ manual:

The possible [output] protocols are

None -No protocol

Art-Net -Art-Net and Art-Net II protocol (over Ethernet)

Pathport -Pathport protocol (over Ethernet)

Show Net -Show net protocol (over Ethernet)

ACN -Streaming DMX (over Ethernet)


Open USB -Open USB dongle - e.g. Enttec Open USB

Enttec Pro -Enttec Pro dongle


It is possible to use an external DMX console to gain extra playback controls when using MagicQ

consoles. This is not a replacement for a MagicQ Playback wing with its legending and Cue Stack

controls, however it may be useful in certain circumstances.

You can use an external desk for DMX in, but not a 3rd party wing such as Enttec for control. The Art-Net on Magicq is not for control.



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