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Cirque Du 'O' on Crisis Control series on Quest channel


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might be behind the times here is a backstage related TV programme - The Cirque Du Soleil's Vegas show is featured on episode 4 series 1 of Crisis Control which is being shown on the Quest channel in the UK.

Just watched the programme and it is quite good but the risk does get bigged up...

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working on a water based show similar to Cirque's (but bigger !) the risks are very present and you cant help but big the risk up because it is everywhere. things we have to contend with


people in water and the problems that scuba presents(so thats performers and their welfare along with the techs - we have upo 10 divers in the pool every show)


stage lifts

hydraulic set pieces in the pool

set pieces

acrobats. one of the acts has up to 12 performers flying around the theatre.

theatre temperature and how it relates to the performers and tech in the pool

we have to have non conductive links between the pool and anything that might come in contact with the water. if we had a short or problem electrically with one of the winches not only the grid would become live but we stand the chance of transferring that to the pool. this is not just for winches.


I dont think risks can ever be bigged up enough. unless you have worked on a show of that size and complexity its hard to comprehend the risks involved. even the smallest thing can have a massive risk involved.


pop on yo you tube and type in House of Dancing Water to see what im talking about.



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It is a case of "to see ourselves as others see us". We automatically risk assess and usually have the risk engineered and planned out before we even think of formal RA's and don't even notice what to punters seems like madness.


See my strapline, not only do they not have the script they are supposed to think it is "special". It is our job to make the impossible (for them) possible (for us) and to "big up" our achievements.


They wouldn't pay us otherwise. ;)

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