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Hi, as always I have searched but not found what I was after.


I work in a College, I have been asked what training I feel I need for the next year or two and having done most of the short 1 or 2 day courses on PAT, Working at height, Pyro etc I have looked into some form of electrical qualification.


This is where I need some adivce. I have looked at doing the 17th Edition course, which seems simple enough, it it a worth while certificate to have on its own? I have a HND in technical theatre, and have worked in the industry for a number of years on the LX side of things, is this enough prior learning to enrol? (in your opinions, I know the institution will have the final say)


What does the 17th ed course allow you to do? Would I also need the test, inspect and certification C&G to make it worth while?


Along side that what other courses would you advise, or think are useful. I don't want to become a full time site sparky but I'm mindful that I want something that will help me in future years.


Any help would be greatly recieved,



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When the 16th edition was out (a long time ago in a galaxy far far away) I was sent by my lighting hire company to do a one day a week college tutorial on electrical installation. It soon became very apparent that unless I wanted to continue in the role of being a house basher or learn how a cooker is wired up, then this was not the course for me.


Unless things have changed then knowing how to wire up your house was not really the same as splitting 125A 3 phase distro to run your sound, lighting and kettle etc. Don't get me wrong, there are elements within the regs that we all need to well adhere to and be knowledgable on for safety's sake, it's just that I found little usage in converting an entire two year course and the complete edition into aspects of our industry. :huh:



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If one were to be cynical, the 17h course allows you to look up regulations more quickly than just using the index alone.


Realistically, it is useful to the electrician as s/he is expected to know the broad and fine detail of the regulations. I took it because I have an interest and wanted to have the piece of paper that shows some degree of knowledge.


However, to do anything that might be 'useful' (sign off systems etc.), then there an implication that you should take the level 2 and 3 test and certification courses, and you're probably expected to have taken electrotechnology, be an apprentice sparky and study several other courses plus pay your membership before being considered "suitable" to do electrical work.


Would any of these courses provide knowledge that is useful - ultimately, I'd guess so. Is there a single course, "electrical design, test and measurement for theatrical and event technicians"? Sadly, no.


You may have to make your own judgement on what is worth taking...



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Going with the same vein on this, is there anything formal to do other than HND / degree? I am looking at some jobs and some mention a theatre qualification.


I am looking at some teaching quals but also want to get something GOOD to put on a CV, other than as the op says 1&2day courses.

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