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tecpro intercom spares


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Seventeen quid.




Thats what you get for not buying "made in China".

Even worse when you have a double headset that needs two.


If they're proper TecPro beltpacks CPC do a language lab headset (AV12755) made in china that works quite nicely once you put an XLR on it:





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I'm not sure if they still exist - but the headphones supplied with Tandberg Language Labs in the 1990s were identical to the Canford ones - so if anyone has spares for those, they will be the same. The only difference was the NATO helicopter style single pin jack.
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... and they are frequently on special offer from CPC at around £8.


Ah yes, CPC, part of the Farnell group, who haven't made their website work for international orders, despite the fact that Farnell have. Very frustrated with CPC.

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