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Plasa Accomodation.

Dj Dunc

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Howdy All


I'm now able to go to plasa this year, now that I have funds, so can anyone reccomend accomodation for Monday night? Im thinking Ill avoid sunday, and go monday/tuesday, which gives me chance to go to some of the workshops/seminars.


The best Ive found so far is £74.25 at the Best Western in Swiss Cottage, which is good as Ive stayed there before, however if there is any better options that have rooms, then Id love to know.


I will have a bit of congo in my shirt pocket as per the norm so hopefully Ill spot a few people.


many thanks



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I live in London now, so obviously no Hotel for me.


But when I lived up north, I would use hotels quite regularly in London for Plasa and other work related things. I used Late Rooms and found a decent place in Camberwell (not a great area). However 80% of my time I wouldnt be there so I didnt care. Pasha Hotel the place was called. They say "compact luxury" which it is. A single room is SMALL. But it used to be like £55. So I thought it was pretty good to be honest. Not anywhere near on top of Earls Court, but buses and tubes in London are plentiful ;)



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